CSI-Windows Debugging Checklist Mousepad for Previous Students of DesktopEngineer.com
3/31/2010 1:22 pm
Contributed By: Darwin Sanoy

If you've ever taken a class from DesktopEngineer.com or CSI-Windows.com and did not receive one of our cool Debugging Checklist mousepads, drop us a line to get yours. See below for a graphic of what it looks like.

The mousepad includes the Debugging Rules from David Agans book "Debugging" so that there are literally at your fingertips to remind you of what good debugging is all about. These rules are covered in our CSI-300 Foundations of Application Internals. It is 7" x 8" x 1/8" and the black color helps it keep looking good for longer that the average pad!

Drop us a line on our Contact Us form and let us know what course you took and approximately when - once we've check our records we'll email you for a shipping address.


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