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2/8/2006 12:55 pm
Contributed By: Darwin Sanoy

VMWare has created a new free edition of their server software.  It is called "VMWare Server" as opposed to the commercial products "GSX Server" and "ESX Server" It's limitations are ...

suprisingly very few.  The target market is non-enterprise level deployment of virtual server.  It does retain the web based and script based management that has always been a big draw to VMWare server products.  It is similar to GSX server in that it requires and relies on a host operating system for base and extended functionality.  In terms of the number of processors and RAM it can use it is on par with ESX server.  High availability, internal network security and performance features are where the biggest differences are between VMWare Server and ESX Server.  See here for a more detailed comparison of VMWare Server and GSX Server editions: and see here for key features of the free release:

If you are a VMWare 5.x user and are wondering if VMWare Server is for you - you should be aware that VMWare Server supports snapshots, but does not have the snapshot tree or VM Teams.  When Installing VMServer you are requested to install IIS if you wish to use the web based management console.  If your primary usage of VMServer will mirror what you would normally do with VMWare Workstation - you do not need to install IIS or the VMServer Web Management.

Thanks go to Joel Garrett for dropping a note on this!

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