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FREE: VisionApp Remote Desktop Console / Organizer
10/15/2007 12:18 pm
Contributed By: Darwin Sanoy

visionapp has a cool freeware program for graphically managing many Remote Desktop sessions in an intuitive tree view ...

New Version of Windows Scripting for XP: What gives?
9/5/2007 2:29 pm
Contributed By: Darwin Sanoy

Just when you thought you'd seen the last release of Windows Script Host and VBScript out comes version 5.7 ...

MirrorFolder: Why I've Come To Love Software RAID
8/31/2007 7:09 am
Contributed By: Darwin Sanoy

So I realized that if my backup solution couldn't be run by a monkey, I (the aforementioned monkey) wouldn't actually have the discipline to make it happen ...

Windows Installer 4.5 In Beta
8/28/2007 3:19 pm
Contributed By: Darwin Sanoy

If you'd like to get on the beta of the next release of Windows Installer ...

VirtualBox - Free and VMDK Compatible
8/20/2007 3:12 pm
Contributed By: Darwin Sanoy


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