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JUST RELEASED: Vista Deployment Tools - BDD 2007 1.0
1/18/2007 10:29 am
Contributed By: Darwin Sanoy

The Business Desktop Deployment 2007 offering includes documentation, project planning information and the Windows Automated Installation Kit...

FREE: Scriptable CD Burning
1/15/2007 10:29 am
Contributed By: Darwin Sanoy

Check out this little piece of freeware (donorware) that extends XP/Vista's built in ...

PowerShell Training In March
1/11/2007 1:16 pm
Contributed By: Darwin Sanoy has scheduled a new session of Windows PowerShell

RELEASED: SpecOps Inventory
1/10/2007 12:30 pm
Contributed By: Darwin Sanoy

Special Operations Software has released a new inventory product which complements their group policy deployment product...

VMWare Lab Manager - Infrastructure Test Solution
1/9/2007 1:13 pm
Contributed By: Darwin Sanoy

VMWare has release "Lab Manager" a product that greatly enhances testing for infrastructure type systems ...


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