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FREE: Speed Up Windows with's WinServicesTuner.vbs
11/5/2008 10:15 pm
Contributed By: Darwin Sanoy

I wanted an automated way to optimize the services running on my training VMs and real machines as well, but every script I checked out was unsatisfactory - so you know what means ...

New Classes Scheduled for November and December
9/11/2008 11:05 am
Contributed By: Darwin Sanoy

We've added a web delivery of the packager track in November and a live workshop in December...

Training Schedule: Change and Additions
9/5/2008 2:14 pm
Contributed By: Darwin Sanoy

We've moved the Online Custom Actions workshop to a new date in October and working on a live class...

Vista's Aero interface is hard on batteries
9/5/2008 1:57 pm
Contributed By: Darwin Sanoy

Here's a utility that lets you get some of that battery life back...

Sysinternals Live
9/5/2008 1:30 pm
Contributed By: Darwin Sanoy

All the sysinternals tools available with a simple click ...


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