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The Definitive Guide To Windows Installer Technology For Administrators


You Will Learn To

  • Basic Internals of Windows Installer.
  • Available packaging and distribution tools.
  • Best Practices
  • Distribution Requirements

This Realtime Publisher's book was written by Darwin Sanoy and Jeremy Moskowitz and sponsored by Wise.

Who Should Read

  • Administrators
  • Application Packagers
  • Support Professionals
  • Deployment Professionals
  • Infrastructure Designers

Materials: Downloadable Utilities:

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Book Content

Chapter 1:  Meet Windows Installer: Introduction, Features and Benefits
  • Features and Benefits
  • Functionality Overview
  • Windows Installer Versions
Chapter 2: MSI Tools Roundup
  • Repackaging Basics
  • Major Authoring Tools
  • Shareware Tools
Chapter 3: Windows Installer Internals
  • Package Structure and Execution
  • Policies and Security
  • Customizing Packages


Chapter 4: Best Practices for Building Packages 
  • Packaging Practices
  • Upgrade and Patch Packages
  • Formulating Processes
Chapter 5: Windows Installer with or without Active Directory 
  • Package Distribution Repository
  • Windows 2000 Repository Technology
  • Deployment Technologies
Chapter 6:  MSI Deployment Roundup
  • Batch File Deployment
  • Group Policy Deployment
  • Third Party Tool Deployment

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