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Who Should Take Windows Installer Training for Administrators

  • All Adminstrators can use this training as their only training to get a great jump start to being productive with Windows Installer. Through the exercises enough can be learned about a major author tool to get you started.
  • Desktop Designers and Engineers can benefit greatly from this training because it emphasizes the technology, including security issues, repository design and infrastructure implications - all very important if you are tasked "how Windows Installer should be done" in your organization.
  • Consultants who may need to use more than one authoring tool and are generally expected to understand many of the design, security and infrastructure ramifications of Windows Installer.
  • Network / Infrastructure Designers and Engineers who need to understand many the infrastructure requirements (especially replication) of Windows Installer to accommodate it in enterprise network planning and management.
  • Some Inhouse Developers whose packaging requirements closely mimic those of system adminstrators. (Give us a call if you think you might fit here)
  • As a Compliment to tool focused training to give a well rounded understanding of Windows Installer before learning the specifics of an authoring tool or packaging suite.

"This course is perfect for systems administrators who need to get up to speed on MSI technology. The course presents the theory behind MSI, but goes beyond that. Darwin's real-world experience adds a dimension to the class that is lacking in many training offerings."
     --- Eric Torbenson, Systems Engineer, SITA



  • Student Workbook - high quality, filled with reference information and cross referenced with the Windows Installer SDK. View Sample Module (PDF)
  • Student CD - filled with useful samples, software, scripts and internet resources .
  • Certificate - course completion certificate.
  • Repackaging Specialist Certificate - if you pass the certification test you will receive a special certificate.
  • Windows Installer Version Delta Guide Built-in - MSI 201, 410 and 510 all have built-in Windows Installer Version Delta Guides.  (It is important that students understand the functional distinctions between these MSI versions since many organizations will not be able to immediately upgrade Windows Installer to the latest on all systems.)
  • Choose Wise or InstallShield - choose from Wise Training Exercises (Package Studio) or InstallShield Training Exercises (AdminStudio). (Selected at registration time)
  • Older Versions of Authoring Tools - are you standardized on a tool version that is not the latest and greatest - exercises may be available in your older version. (Selected at registration time)
  • Choose Windows 2000 or Windows XP - choose from Windows 2000 Professional or Windows XP Professional for performing your exercises.(Selected at registration time)
  • Daily Review and Pre-Exam Review - each day starts with a full review of the previous day?s material and the 5th day starts with a full course review before the certification exam.
  • Reinforce Learning by Repeating Exercises at Home - the student CD contains everything needed to repeat exercises back at home.
  • Optional Certification Exam - (Advanced Courses Only) sit through the Windows Installer Repackaging Specialist Certification exam while the information is still fresh!
  • Private MSI Jobs Mailing List - receive Windows Installer related job opportunities submitted to and

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